Can my school visit the farm on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday?

No, at this time tours are only offered on Thursdays and Fridays.

My class has 31 students. Could we fill just one tour slot?

No, 2 slots would be necessary. In order to keep the pace and to make the most of your hour on the farm, 2 smaller groups are better than one large group.

My class has 14 students and my teammate has 13 students. Can we combine our classes for one tour?

Yes, you are welcome to combine classes, as long as our maximum is not exceeded.

I have 10 children in my preschool class. Can we book a trip?

Yes, you are welcome to visit the farm with 10 children. However, the minimum charge for a group is $90. You may want to invite siblings or bring additional chaperones to make this more cost-effective.

Can my students eat lunch on the farm?

You are welcome to use our picnic tables in the pavilion which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. You are responsible for storing lunches and cleaning up after your group.

Can my chaperone bring her infant in a stroller?

No, parent chaperones should leave infants at home. This is due to the swift pace and distance that must be covered, as well as the short attention span and temperament of small children. All tour participants will enjoy the experience more when the chaperone can give his/her full attention to his/her school-aged child on the trip.

Is the farm wheelchair accessible?

Yes, though we recommend bringing a chair that is comfortable for travel in the outdoors.

Can my child’s scout group visit the farm after school?

No, at this time the farm is unavailable for tours after school. Many scout families arrange outings in the fall when we have weekend activities, such as our Corn Maze.

Can I or my chaperones shop at the farmstand after our tour?

Yes, you are welcome to purchase items at the farmstand after your tour has finished.

Can our group come early to play in the play area?

No, your group may use the play area after your tour, if you have time before heading back to school. Teachers and chaperones are responsible for supervision.

Why can’t our group go into the large Corn Maze during our tour (in the Fall)?

The full-sized Corn Maze is open on the weekends, when it is properly staffed. Also, navigating this maze can take several hours.

Are you available for tours in November?

No, tours are offered in September/October. These are the best months of the year to see our farm in action. We may offer tours in the Summer in the future…

Can I bring my middle school or high school class to the farm?

Let us know what curriculum you are studying, and we may be able to tailor a special tour to fit your needs.

What if I have additional questions?

Email us at Please do not call our farmstands with your tour questions.