• Saturday is Gourdy’s Pumpkin Run


    We are hosting Gourdy’s Pumpkin Run 5K on Saturday, October 2nd! Want to run? Sign up at this link before race day and save a little money. Want to visit the farm that day to pick apples and pumpkins or experience our Fall Festivities? We will be open to the public but we will be having larger crowds than normal due to the race. Stop by after lunchtime when the race excitement is over and life returns back to normal here. See you soon!

    *Our free wagon ride will be delayed until the race and cleanup is complete. Thanks for your patience!

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  • Plainfield farmstand

    Plainfield Farmstand Closing for the Season


    Our Plainfield Farmstand will be closing for the season on Sunday, September 19 at 5pm. Last call for lots of produce including sweet corn! Stock up on our specialty jarred goods including Amish jams and jellies, salsas, and pie fillings as well as the popular Shrubbers smoked salts. Oswego and Naperville farmstands will remain open. Our Oswego Farmstand is a short 10-minute drive west. We have your fall favorites there – apple cider, apples, pumpkins, gourds, and lots of delicious treats to satisfy your sweet tooth! Oswego is open daily 9-6pm.

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  • Horse Care 101: Fly Masks


    Flies can be annoying especially when you don’t have hands to shoo them away. Yes, a tail is great for swatting but these masks work well for the front end.

    Fact: The fly masks are made of mesh which the horses can see through. The mesh provides adequate air flow underneath.

    Fact: The masks keep flies and other insects off their heads, including their ears. Insect bites hurt.

    Fact: Marty sprays their legs to keep flies from biting there, too.

    Fact: Charlies doesn’t like to stand still. He and Trace are given sweet corn to eat to keep them distracted. Works like a charm.

    When you visit our Oswego farm for the Saturday & Sunday Fall Festivities, be sure to say hello to our Thoroughbreds, Charlie and Trace!

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  • Donuts, anyone?


    The wait is over. We are now making apple cider donuts on Saturdays at the Oswego Farmstand! Stock up since they freeze well!

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