Keller's Farmstand


You're invited to visit Keller's Farmstand in Oswego!

Here's what teachers have to say:

"This was a terrific fieldtrip-- very "hands on" and engaging for the children..." K.M., Yorkville, IL

"They (students) liked how large the farm is. They really enjoyed planting the tomato plant." J.A., Montgomery, IL

"We loved the trips! We will be back in the fall!" K.H., Joliet, IL

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What a class trip includes
Educational content
What a class trip does not include
School Trips: Preschool - Grade 2
Cancellation policy
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What a class trip includes:

  • An age-appropriate walking tour of our working farm, including seasonal machinery and animals
  • A wagon ride
  • Hands-on play time in our grain tables (corn, oats, and soybeans)
  • A safe, smoke-free environment for learning
  • Spring tours focus on planting activities on the farm, both in our greenhouses and out in the fields. This includes discussion of helpful versus non-helpful creatures on the farm. Students plant their own vegetable seedling to take home and receive a coupon to visit our farmstand in the summer for some of our famous sweet corn.
  • Fall tours focus on pumpkin and grain harvest. Groups spend time in our sheltered straw maze, and if time permits, our mini corn maze is available after your tour. Students receive a small pumpkin or gourd to take home and a free pass to our Fall weekend activities.
  • If you choose, your students may visit our play area after your tour has finished. Teachers and chaperones are responsible for supervision of children.
  • We do not offer Summer or Winter tours at this time.

Educational content:

  • Information correlating to current Illinois Learning Standards
  • Topics relating to farm life, such as weather, technology, seasons, seeds/plants, food chains, nutrition, farm safety, Illinois geography & history, economics, problem solving, measurement, and estimation
  • Tour topics may vary depending on group's age level and interests, as well as tour guide's teachable moments encountered

What a class trip does not include:
This is a working farm, so there are no:

  • Carnival rides or inflatable jumpers
  • Paved pathways at this time (Trails are gravel or grass/dirt.)
  • Drinking fountains or permanent bathrooms (portable potties on site)
  • Concessions facilities (no gum, candy, or food allowed on the tour)

School Trips: Preschool - Grade 2

  • Tours are offered Thursdays and Fridays at 9:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m., and 1:00 p.m., in the Spring (late April- May) and in the Fall (late September- October)
  • Tours will last approximately 1 hour. Teachers and chaperones must remain with the tour and are in charge of discipline and monitoring the whereabouts of students at all times.
  • The maximum number per tour is 30 students. If your class exceeds 30 students, a second tour slot is required, and your class will be split. Classes may also be split to accommodate a large number of parent chaperones.
  • The minimum number per tour is 15 students, or a combination of students and chaperones equal to at least $90. All groups will be charged a minimum of $90.
  • 2 tour/class slots are available for each time (i.e. 2 classes of 30 for a total of 60 students at 9:30).
  • Fees: **Same prices as last year!** $6.00 per student; $4.00 per chaperone (minimum one teacher/chaperone for every five K-2 students, one teacher/chaperone for every four preschoolers); teachers and school staff are free.
  • A $25 non-refundable deposit per tour slot is required to hold your reservation. This deposit is due within 7 days of confirming your tour date. The deposit amount will be deducted from your total balance which is due 10 days before your trip.
  • Sibling attendance for preschool tours is allowed at the school's discretion. Keller's Farmstand tour staff must be notified in advance, as it may affect the number of tour slots necessary to fit your group. Siblings aged 2 yrs. and up will be charged the $6.00 student fee. Children younger than 2 yrs. are not recommended. Schools are responsible for informing parents of these policies. Chaperones who arrive at the fieldtrip with unpaid siblings will be charged for their admission.
  • It is the teacher or school's responsibility to inform parents of the school's chaperone policies. It is up to the school to decide how many chaperones can attend a fieldtrip, as long as the minimum for supervision have been met (minimum one teacher/chaperone for every five K-2 students, one teacher/chaperone for every four preschoolers). The teacher should be aware upon arrival for the tour which parents have paid admission to be chaperones. Upon arrival at the farm, teachers will be given stickers to distribute to students and chaperones who have paid admission. Students or chaperones who have not paid will be charged admission before the tour begins.
  • Balance (total minus deposit) must be received 10 days prior to tour date. Adjustments to tours and headcount must be made by 10 days prior to date. No refunds for cancellations made less than 1 week prior to date. No refunds issued for absent students or chaperones.
  • Keller's is not responsible for navigational errors of group drivers or chaperones. Groups arriving late for a tour will receive a shortened tour of the farm, at the tour guides' discretion.

Cancellation policy:

  • To cancel a tour, you must notify Keller's Tours at least 1 week prior to tour date. Cancellations less than 1 week in advance forfeit 50% of total balance. Reservation deposits are non-refundable.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any tour if payment is not received 10 days prior to tour date.
  • Tours may be canceled by Keller's in the case of severe weather; tours are not canceled due to rain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Can my school visit the farm on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday? No, at this time tours are only offered on Thursdays and Fridays.
  • My class has 31 students. Could we fill just one tour slot? No, 2 slots would be necessary. In order to keep the pace and to make the most of your hour on the farm, 2 smaller groups are better than one large group.
  • My class has 14 students and my teammate has 13 students. Can we combine our classes for one tour? Yes, you are welcome to combine classes, as long as our maximum is not exceeded.
  • I have 10 children in my preschool class. Can we book a trip? Yes, you are welcome to visit the farm with 10 children. However, the minimum charge for a group is $90. You may want to invite siblings or bring additional chaperones to make this more cost-effective.
  • Can my students eat lunch on the farm? We have a small number of unsheltered picnic tables near the farmstand which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. You are responsible for storing lunches and cleaning up after your group.
  • Can my chaperone bring her infant in a stroller? No, parent chaperones should leave infants at home. This is due to the swift pace and distance that must be covered, as well as the short attention span and temperament of small children. All tour participants will enjoy the experience more when the chaperone can give his/her full attention to his/her school-aged child on the trip.
  • Is the farm wheelchair accessible? Yes, though we recommend bringing a chair that is comfortable for travel in the outdoors.
  • Can my child's scout group visit the farm after school? No, at this time the farm is unavailable for tours after school. Many scout families arrange outings in the fall when we have weekend activities, such as our Corn Maze.
  • Can I or my chaperones shop at the farmstand after our tour? Yes, you are welcome to purchase items at the farmstand after your tour has finished.
  • Can our group come early to play in the play area? No, your group may use the play area after your tour, if you have time before heading back to school. Teachers and chaperones are responsible for supervision.
  • Why can't our group go into the large Corn Maze during our tour (in the Fall)? The full-sized Corn Maze is open on the weekends, when it is properly staffed. Also, navigating this maze can take several hours. Your group is welcome to visit the mini Corn Maze after your tour, if you choose. Teachers and chaperones are responsible for supervision.
  • Are you available for tours in March or November? No, tours are offered in April/May and September/October. These are the best months of the year to see our farm in action. We may offer tours in the Summer in the future...
  • Can I bring my middle school or high school class to the farm? Let us know what curriculum you are studying, and we may be able to tailor a special tour to fit your needs.

To schedule your tour:

  • Please carefully read through the tour information above, especially the FAQs!
  • Fill out our school tour request form. <----Click on the underlined words to access the form. Be as specific as possible.
  • We will respond in a timely fashion by email. Every effort will be made to schedule your first choice of date/time. We recommend contacting us at least a month in advance.
  • After we have confirmed your date and time by email, you will need to send us your deposit within seven days. $25 for each tour slot is required to hold your reservation.
  • Upon receiving your deposit, we'll mail you an invoice and information packet.
  • Balance payment must be received at least 10 days before your scheduled tour.
Keller's Farmstand